Shopping in Prague

Centrum Chodov
This is an enormous mall that has hundreds of stores, restaurants and bars for shoppers' pleasure. This mall is the biggest in Prague, and it is located out in the suburbs. Shoppers can take the C line of the metro to get to Centrum Chodov, getting off at the Chodov stop. The mall is located right above this stop. It is best to plan to spend at least a half-day at the mall. Most shoppers will find that they can shop there a whole day and still not see everything.

Fashion Arena
This is another Prague shopping destination that is located out in the suburbs, but it is well worth the trip. It is a mall that is full of name brand stores that offer all of their goods at a discount. Most places will offer discounts of 30-70% off of the retail price. The Fashion Arena can be reached by taking the A line of the subway to the last stop at Depo Hostivar. There is a free shuttle bus that comes every half hour to take shoppers between Fashion Arena and Depo Hostivar.

This shopping center is right in the city center of Prague. It has more than 200 shops, restaurants and pubs.

Luxury Shopping
There are two streets located in the city center that vie for the crown of the "5th Avenue of Prague," Na Prikope Street and Parizska Street. These two streets have all the high fashion shops and luxury goods stores that well-heeled tourists will love to blow some money in. There are also a number of excellent fine dining options available on these two streets.

Wenceslas Square
This public square is surrounded by museums as well as a lot of great shopping. This is a good location to go for clothing and books. There are some amazing bookstores that have a wide variety of titles in many different languages.

Novy Smichov
This shopping center is located right in the city center of Prague. It has over 150 stores to choose from, many restaurants and a multiplex cinema. The thing that makes Novy Smichov very special is the two-story Tesco grocery store that has every kind of food imaginable. This is the place to head for tourists looking to find a little taste of home. No matter what kind of cuisine they are looking for, they will find the ingredients to make it here.