Airport Transportation
Most travelers will arrive in Prague at the RuzynÄ› International Airport. There are many options for transportation into the city upon arrival. The least expensive option is to take the bus. There are kiosks in the airport labeled, "Public Transportation." They accept credit cards and are the cheapest way to get a bus ticket. The bus runs to a few different metro stops, and the bus ticket gives passengers a free transfer on the metro.

The Cedaz bus is a shuttle that leaves every half hour. It is a fairly cheap option and takes passengers straight to the city center.

There are also taxis and door-to-door shuttle buses available at the airport, but these are more expensive options that should be avoided by those on a budget.

Prague is one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the world. The city center and Old Town are very easy to get around by walking. These are gorgeous areas that are very enjoyable to take a stroll in. Pedestrians need to be aware that many of the sidewalks are cobblestone, so those that are not very sure of foot may have problems.

Public Transportation
The public transportation system in Prague offers a metro, trams and buses. All of them are fairly economical and efficient options for visitors to Prague. It may be necessary to make a few transfers when moving around the city. Be sure to plan out the route beforehand on the maps that are found at every metro station. Anytime a traveler gets lost, they can hop on a tram or bus. These will always pass through a metro stop where tourists can check out the maps to get their bearings.

One of the great things about Prague's public transportation system is that it runs 24 hours a day. The metro does not run from midnight until 5:00 AM, but the buses and trams keep running all night.

These are very expensive in Prague, and it does not make much sense to take them when there is such a wonderful public transportation network in the city. Those that are in a hurry should take taxis and the fare should always be negotiated in advance to get a fair price.

There are a few ferries that shuttle passengers across the Vltave River. They are free for those who get a transfer by riding another form of public transportation.